Friedman Residence
Aventura, Florida

As a new condominium tower, Porto Vita stands out along the South Florida coast. From the exterior it is perhaps one of too few expressions of what such a building might be if built in honest response to that tropic environ. Regrettably, the interior public spaces and the majority of the condominium residences have fallen victim to the decorators' spell, and have thereby lost the reality of Florida's inherent natural beauty.

In response to this commission for the interior design and decoration of an approximately 3,000 square foot condominium residence, we looked to apprehend the grammar of Florida as it exists in nature. By this study, we came to cultivate a simple palette of ochre sand plaster, bamboo flooring and natural mahogany trim and cabinetry. These materials play throughout the composition - a simple underlying expression of unity and clarity that will remain fresh and valid as it supports a melody of brighter compliments in the furnishings and decorative objects.