La Prima Espresso
Commercial Interior
Pittsburgh, PA

The clients sought a contemporary European image for an espresso bar in the new Pittsburgh International Airport, which would welcome international travelers and present an international image for local clientele.

The space was designed to welcome passersby into the bar and to maximize the reality of the space within the confines of the 600 square foot tenant area. The space was designed on a three foot by three-foot modular unit system, both vertically and horizontally. The unit system is expressed in the space through the three-foot square, high gloss laminate panels on the walls. Additionally, the casework and the ceramic floor tile were designed within the alignments of the unit system. A simple curving bar draws the eye in, while a reverse curve expressed the ceiling cove opens the space outward.

The material palette is simple: blue and white high gloss laminate with stainless steel edge banding, stainless steel tops and foot rails, granite/porcelain composite floor tile, birch solid wood and veneer panels, glass shelves, mirror panels, and painted plaster ceiling. Retail display areas are carefully integrated in to the composition.